SRA strengthens Business Intelligence offering after partner Jaspersoft is acquired by TIBCO

The team at SRA Information Technology have recently been advised that our business partner, Jaspersoft Corporation has been acquired by TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX).

The partnership between SRA and Jaspersoft has been ongoing for over 3 years and has bolstered our Business Intelligence offerings to clients.  We work closely with our partners to utilise best practice methodologies ensuring successful outcomes for all parties involved. 

This acquisition is hugely exciting to us at SRA as both Jaspersoft and TIBCO are a leaders in the analytics market, specifically Jaspersoft through embedded analytics and TIBCO Spotfire® in data discovery and interactive analytics. 

See the official Press Release here: 

Jim Rowe, Executive Manager of SRA IT Services had this to say: 

“Many clients don’t realise the reach of SRA’s offerings in the Business Intelligence field and this acquisition getting exposure across many high profile media outlets highlights our partnerships and how strong we really are.” 

“SRA has over 20 highly experienced and professional Business Intelligence staff that can handle any aspect from review to implementation and support.” 

“Perhaps our greatest benefit to clients is that while we are partners with major players like SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and Jaspersoft, we remain agnostic to software applications and maintain focused on the required business outcome.” 

At SRA, we pride ourselves on being able to help clients by leveraging our innovation, experience and methodology. 

Specifically in Business Intelligence, our capabilities can be found in: 

•          Advisory projects including reviews, strategy, project management, quality assurance, and maturity assessments. 

•          Implementation including business requirements, data modelling, integration and migration, dashboards, reporting, analytics, and mobile solutions. 

•          Support, Administration & Training covering installations, upgrades, system administration, security and certified training. 

With 3 key business arenas; Environmental Data Management, Business Intelligence and Information Technology Services, coupled with a company vision of Good Corporate Citizenship we at SRA strive to be global leaders within our industry. 

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Tim Chopping