Delivering The 'Engaged' Internet

SRA has been building corporate internet and intranet sites and applications for many years.  Today’s sophisticated applications incorporating CMS, Customer engagement platform, real time analytics, e commerce, multi-platform management, social media, app centers through to spatial interfaces.

Today, we find businesses are seeking to engage in 1:1 conversations with individual customers across any channel and move the conversation forward for measurable business results.  By automating engagement and communications with customers across all channels, you can maximize the efficiency of moving prospects through the sales funnel.

Sitecore’s groundbreaking .NET technology delivers CMS, analytics and automation with the Digital Marketing System, email marketing with the Email Campaign Manager. Along with multi-site management with Foundry, efficient internal communication with Intranet Portal.  With adaptive print studio manage web and print content to deliver more dynamic and personalised experience.

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Microsoft SharePoint offers many of the tools needed to build an ECMS with the benefit of solid document management and other SharePoint facilities.  Where our customers look for strong internal integration with systems and document management, we find that SharePoint offers a strong toolkit for customising an ECMS solution.

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