Save time, reduce cost, mitigate risk and improve performance with our Environmental & Water Quality Data Management Software.

Stream from devices, integrate with internal or external labs and systems, key directly into the interface or just send EnviroSys an email


Automatically determine compliance and completeness of your data, then alert you to information requiring attention


Routine or by exception, on demand or on a schedule, as a variety of formats for internal and external audiences and stakeholders


Quantify performance, adjust frequency or monitoring scope, advise the organisation of process improvement opportunities to execute on

Feeds from devices (IoT)

EnviroSys streams real time data from devices in the field regardless of the monitoring aspect. This includes: weather stations, air monitors, water monitors, noise and vibration monitors, camera feeds and more.  This enables real time alerts on thresholds or guideline exceedances offering an early warning to operators and the ability to act.

Integration with data providers

Internal and external data providers can automatically submit information to EnviroSys through any means, without being a user.  We have established interfaces and connectors with leading providers so that data can be loaded via email, internal network files, external (S)FTP access and/or direct database connections.

Easy direct data input

We have created the world's easiest and most intuitive data entry interface available. Whether you are an environmental or water specialist, a laboratory, a contractor or external consultancy, EnviroSys easily accepts data manually, via email data entry forms or via our tablet data entry tool. 

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Governance and integrity

Validate and verify data by running quality control rules and metrics automatically.  Confirm schedules have been met, conditions are accepted and exception alerts occur quickly and easily.  Have EnviroSys accept or reject data based on your standards and even automatically record additional relevant information like device calibration and load statuses.

Calculations and aggregations

Ensure all samples comply with your units of measurement, tests and methods and are also being associated with the correct site, asset, location or sampling point.  Calculate complex sequences based upon your data and other factors, aggregate results in order to report internally or externally against specific obligations, schedule rules to run automatically.

Results and alerts

Create early warning notifications should any sample or result of a calculation or aggregation exceed a threshold and have EnviroSys distribute this to the correct person.  This enables you to streamline effort by communicating immediately and mitigates risk, improves overall performance and ultimately saves money.

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Reporting and analysis

Create user defined reports via the easy to use report and dashboard builder.  Schedule reporting based on time, volume or a trigger point.  Extract data in multiple formats to use externally.  Create objects, graphs, dashboards to export for use in other documents or regulatory reporting.

Real time data

Take data management to the next level with EnviroSys Portal for performance insight.  Allow the information to find the user by seeing critical metrics from a single point, on any device. Monitor trends, be alerted instantly to any exceptions, understand what has and has not happened, all in real time.

Customised outputs

Many operators require certain reports, dashboards, objects, components or data sets to be sent to another system either internally or externally.  Your reporting may be a sub-set of a larger corporate report or regulatory submission.  EnviroSys allows for outputting via a secure API gateway, database extract or reporting function to ensure you are compliant.

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Forecast and take action

Don’t just wait to take action after something detrimental has occurred, be informed ahead of time that you are going to exceed a regulatory condition or alert level and intervene before it occurs. 

Track, and act, on change

There are certain indicators which are very important to your business – key performance indicators, or KPIs.  Keep track of KPIs month to month, be they raw data or aggregated values, noting material changes to the values and providing commentary around these changes.  Then report on these KPIs as an overall statement of performance, and performance improvement, to interested stakeholders.

No news is good news

An important outcome of monitoring the environment in which you operate is to ensure no material impact, or harm, is being caused.  Sometimes no news is good news, proving the activities you undertake, both in operational and remedial works, are keeping the environment stable or water quality optimal.  Providing evidence that stability is being achieved can lessen regulatory burdens and, in some cases, lessen the need and/or frequency of potentially costly sampling and reporting activities.

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Surface Water


Waste Water

Potable Water

Water Flow

Water Storage

Sewage Treatment

Air Quality

Dust Monitoring




Flora & Fauna

Land Disturbance



Materials Management



Emissions and Energy

Soil Chemistry

Pest Management

Weed Management

Acid Rock Drainage


On-premise or Cloud

Unlimited users

External user access

Clean and intuitive interface

Multiple integration options

GIS integration

Automated reporting


Automatic alerts

Data migration

Data cleansing

Complete training

Ongoing enhancements

Dedicated support (SLAs)

Tailored implementation

Data integrity

Secure and auditable

Meet regulatory obligations

Scaleable solution

Single site or enterprise

Forecast exceedances

Protect ISO14001

Save time, reduce costs

Mitigate risk

Where is EnviroSys installed and accessed?

EnviroSys can be deployed to your own infrastructure, servers, data-centre or we can host it in our secure Cloud. Either way all you need is a browser to access it on a variety of devices.

Is EnviroSys expensive?

We do not charge per user, per monitoring program or even for how much data is entered/used/stored.  Rather EnviroSys scales based on your organisation or facility.  Licensing is available for small single sites or multi-site enterprises and everything in between.  You can choose to buy the software via a perpetual license model or subscribe as an all-inclusive service to reduce capital expenses.

How is EnviroSys installed?
We have a proven implementation methodology, including professional project management and solution workshops, backed by industry specialists, to ensure your project is successful and shows a return on your investment.
How do I get help?
SRA provide a dedicated service desk which includes 24x7 support.  We measure ourselves against strict service level agreements (SLAs) in order to provide you with timely and effective support.  We also have administration services if you don't have the resources to perform it yourself. 

Which systems does EnviroSys integrate to?
SRA has created EnviroSys integrations with many providers including labs systems such as ALS, SGS, Eurofins and more.  We also have direct import connectors to simple collection systems like ESDat, Ecotech and Excel. Plus, we have built interfaces with many financial and operational systems like SAP, Oracle and OSIsoft PI. As a software firm we are able to create interfaces with any system you require.

Can I export my data?
Absolutely!  We know clients always need to be able to extract data for use in other programs.  Whilst we can integrate to reporting systems, you can always download data at any time in csv or Excel formats.