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Quick history lesson

SRA have been providing expertise in IT solutions to corporate and government organisations, including some of the largest companies in the world, for over 20 years. We are an Australian business founded in Adelaide with a local heart and international vision.

From humble beginnings we are now 100 people strong with 7 international offices in Darwin, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Singapore & Houston.

We challenge industries, governments and communities through innovative technology solutions, leading edge methodology and world class service. Our objective is to ensure you will want to work with us again, as well as spread your enthusiasm to others.

Our business is made up of 3 specific streams;

  1. IT Professional Services

  2. Business Intelligence

  3. Environment & Sustainability

Follow on below for details on each of our streams…

Our Streams

IT Professional Services – includes creating turn-key solutions for clients in all industries and technologies. Our methodology and business outcome focus guarantees the right solution is on time and on budget. We have developed solutions including mobile apps, content management, safety systems, community and welfare programs, health applications and more. Our team’s strengths in .NET and Java applications see us maintaining and supporting critical systems for government and industry. We have completed major projects in Natural Resource Management, Community Welfare, Tourism, Compliance & Approvals, Health and Education.

Business Intelligence – is run as a true practice of highly experienced professionals. We work under industry best practice focused purely on client outcomes. Our strength lies in rapidly identifying business needs and aligning these with the best reporting and analytical tools to provide guidance and better decision making powers for stakeholders. We partner with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Tibco Jaspersoft and Yellowfin, plus have expertise in all BI tools to be able to consult, train and advise any client regardless of the technology.

Environment & Sustainability – this stream has developed the world class and multi-award winning Environmental Data Management System, EnviroSys. EnviroSys is our flagship product, a powerful, high capacity data warehousing system that enables the retrieval and storage of all types of field-monitored data for analysis, alarming, reporting and measuring against thresholds. Completely web-enabled, EnviroSys stores time series and static data types, images, audio, video and electronic documents and files which have been collected by both external monitoring devices and field-workers. The system allows data to be measured against national and international standards and guidelines. EnviroSys also includes both spatial and non-spatial tools to analyse and maintain data and adheres to standard ISO14001 for environmental management. The strength of this high-performance system is its flexibility, allowing user definition of all monitored data types and programs in a single package.

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