SRA wins Sustainability iAward and heads to the Nationals

SRA Information Technology (SRA) is the proud winner of the Sustainability iAward for their newly released Insight Dashboard (iD) at the South Australian State and Northern Territory iAwards.

Industry research and stakeholder engagement indicated our clients were looking for a visual tool to help make business decisions. We responded by leveraging more than 10 years of knowledge and experience to develop a solution – iD.

iD is a visualisation tool that compliments EnviroSysTM, SRA’s world renowned environmental data management system (EDMS), by bringing vital information to the user through one intuitive dashboard.

Insight Dashboard is a mix of innovation and practicality, delivering:

  • Critical compliance monitoring

  • Instant notifications

  • Data completeness assessment

  • Spatial analysis and spatial awareness

  • Multi-platform and multi-device compatibility

  • Simple, user-focussed, fast functionality

As a result of winning the South Australia State and Northern Territory iAward for Sustainability, iD is now in the running for the National Sustainability iAward, which will be announced at the National iAwards in Melbourne this August.

The iAward for Sustainability recognises organisations using ICT innovation that helps offset, or at least minimise, ‘the consequences of development and economic growth while meeting the needs that demand such development and growth’.

iD achieves this by summarising mission critical information required for business decisions into a single dashboard, giving organisations transparency about their compliance level and confidence that the data they are collecting is complete and current. This translates to informed decisions in appropriate timeframes, mitigating potential negative impacts to production, the community and, ultimately, the environment.

SRA’s New Product Manager, Stuart van de Water was excited to accept the award as it validates the time and effort put into developing a tool that specifically targets stakeholder needs.

“The intention of iD was for the information to find the user, not the other way around. iD achieves this by combining the important, relevant and impactful information pertinent to the user, into one visually attractive and functional dashboard. Simply by accessing the software’s home page the user has all the information they need to make decisions and take action as soon as possible,” Stuart said.

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