SAP BusinessObjects 3.1 is out of support in December.

Farewell BOBJ 3.1! Thanks for the memories.

I got used to your quirky ways and your memory restrictions. I was content with your CPU-based licensing and could put up with not being able to upgrade to Windows Server 2012. Heck you might even have done me a favour by not supporting Windows 8!

Alas, the time has come… We are all going to have to move on, and soon.

If you didn’t upgrade to BOBJ 4.0, you probably saved yourself some headaches, but 4.1 is a pretty solid platform and offers some rather nice new toys that should make the upgrade worth it – once you bight the bullet. Migration can be a bit involved, but the time and effort are relatively predictable once you understand where the “gotchas” are.

Once you get into 4.1 you can play with Lumira and BusinessObjects Mobile – scorecards, interactive dashboards and geo-analysis, all within a Webi report. Nice!

With new tools like BI Launchpad, Information Design Tool, Design Studio, Information Steward and plenty more, you will catch up with SAP’s new directions without being totally unfamiliar.

All-in-all, 4.1 offers great new capability that you won’t know you need until you get it, and then you won’t know how you lived without it.

There are new licensing options and technically, you get a 64-bit application that you can actually tune for performance. You get to upgrade your operating systems (what no more XP?) and you will end up with a stable new environment with far greater capabilities across the board.

We know migrating to new versions (of anything) probably isn’t anyone’s favourite project, but don’t leave this one to the last minute.

BOBJ 3.1 to 4.1 migration isn’t horrendous or especially risky, but there are the usual surprises you need to be prepared for and you can expect a bit of a rush late in the year, which will make it hard to access the people who have done this before and know what to expect.

Good luck with your upgrade to BusinessObjects 4.1. Enjoy!

At the end of the day, it’s a step you will be obliged to undertake soon, so get your planning underway.

SRA has put together a BusinessObjects Upgrade and Migration Success Plan, based on our many and varied upgrade projects, to help make your upgrade relatively painless.

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