SRA working to protect South Australia’s SES

SRA Information Technology (SRA) is proud to be ONE of only FIVE South Australian companies selected to participate in an Innovation Research Challenge to design a Resource Management Solution for South Australia’s State Emergency Service (SES).

South Australia’s Department of State Development has partnered with SES (SA) to establish the Small Business Innovation Research Resource Management Challenge and provide local businesses with the opportunity to create an innovative solution to a problem that extends nationally, and globally.

SRA proposed a solution to the difficult and hazardous conditions emergency response staff and volunteers inevitably operate in when responding to incidents; ranging from vehicle accidents through to major bushfires.

SRA’s approach would provide Incident Management Teams with the ability to track the location of resources by integrating readily available resource identification technologies with a highly adaptive mobile communications network to collect data in the field and transmit it back to Incident Command, in near real-time.

Current manual methods are often congested, of poor quality and ineffective in high-pressure situations and the key to developing a solution is automated selection of the most operational channel for field communications. Reliable, automated identification and location of resources will help protect lives and optimise resource allocation during incident response.

State-wide, South Australia has thousands of staff and volunteer responders and finding a cost-effective method to ensure all individuals involved in an incident are identified and continually located is a complex undertaking. As a result, a range of tracking technologies will be evaluated to determine those best suited to identifying and locating field personnel and communicating with a vehicle-based communications system.

SRA has invited Adelaide University’s Teletraffic Research Centre to participate and research how devices incorporating Software Defined Networking and Software Defined Radio could be incorporated into emergency vehicles. This would facilitate intelligent switching between communications channels depending on availability, reliability and congestion; issues often encountered in major emergency situations.

SRA will also leverage their own expertise in both spatial and integration technologies to design a software solution that integrates data collected in the field with existing control systems; making it accessible by Incident Controllers in near real-time.

The SRA approach aims to design a workable solution by balancing SES’ critical needs and aspirations with current, emerging and forecasted future technologies. This gives the SES a short-term solution, while incorporating the capacity to accommodate potential growth in capability so that a more advanced system may be supported in the near future.

SRA is committed to prototyping and commercialising the solution, should our approach be selected to continue beyond this initial feasibility phase.

For more information: Small Business Innovation Research Pilot Program