A win for SRA's RIoT Platform at the Smart Mining Conference

​During the recent Smart Mining Conference facilitated by the Internet of Things (IoT) Cluster Mining for Energy Resources and the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) the Smart Data Challenge was set.

The conference allowed the audience to "hear from industry leaders in mining, energy and technology, and how they've created Australia's best applications and solutions. Technology is changing our extractive industries resulting in societal benefits. This unique program blends development processes, opportunities, deployments and best practice, as seen through the lens of the resources sector."

The challenge asked finalists to pitch their product development concepts to an expert panel including industry experts, service providers and digital leaders.

SRA has been working on our Real-Time Internet of Things (RIoT) platform for 12 months now, so the stage was set to make a splash.

RIoT is a cloud-based data streaming platform which enables organisations to operate LEANER, FASTER, and SMARTER by offering real-time data capture, analysis, alerting and system integration to automate decisions!

The combination of SRA's background in software development, data management and business experience in the sector gives us great leverage in this space. Couple that with innovative technical infrastructure from our partner Amazon Web Services (AWS) and our exclusive relationship with TIBCO software allowing us to embed deep analytics and predictive models via Spotfire culminates in the application of a real-world solution for the mining, energy & resources sector focusing on production optimisation, improved safety outcomes and significant positive impact on the environment and community.

During the presentation we proved that the RIoT Platform saves time, reduces cost, mitigates risk and improves performance which after some private evaluation time led the judges to announce SRA the winners!

Since the conference we have gone on to present the RIoT Platform to interested parties from Government and Corporate Enterprise, letting them know that we're well and truly in the market to make a difference!

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