SRA launch New Inclusive Education Solution Launches at FutureSchools Conference

The INSPIRE platform uses intelligent technology to assist better learning outcomes for students with additional needs and helps schools secure federal funding.

Melbourne, Victoria: SRA Information Technology (SRA) has launched an innovative new “EduTech” software product called; INSPIRE this week. The solution is an integrated software platform, which identifies students with learning disabilities, then suggests processes and teaching strategies based on the category, severity and demographics of the student. At the same time, INSPIRE collects all evidence required for the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) scheme and helps schools submit their annual reports to secure funding for adjustments required to implement inclusive education practices.

FutureSchools Conference

SRA and Catholic Education Northern Territory held workshops and presentations at the FutureSchools conference in Melbourne this week on; Navigating the NCCD, Inclusive Education Best Practice and then conducted a LIVE demonstration of the software in action.

During the presentation, Tim Chopping (Sales & Marketing Executive for SRA) was quoted saying: “On one side of the coin we deliver strategies to teachers which are used to generate better outcomes for students with additional needs. Teachers can identify a need by being stepped through categorization and the software then suggests strategies which are voted up and down based on other teachers’ experiences. So the system gets smarter the more teachers that add or vote for the strategies. On the other side, you have the new federal collection of information which is based on providing hard evidence of adjustments made to accommodate students with additional needs. The funding for these adjustments can be as much as 300% of the based funding for a school student so in most cases we’re talking about hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars per school.

When asked about the launch, Tim said: “We’ve met schools and networks who are being audited and having funding put at risk due to not collecting the evidence and others not yet aware of strategies available to assist students with additional needs. We’re very proud of the overarching mission of INSPIRE which strives to improve learning outcomes for students and funding outcomes for schools to do more in this space.”

The INSPIRE solution caters for all stakeholders including Teachers, Inclusion Support Staff, Education Officers, Specialists, Funding Officers, Principals, Network Head Offices and Government Departments.

The solution has already proven capabilities allowing schools to:

  • Implement Inclusive Education Best Practices

  • Comply with Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD)

  • Share Teaching Strategies

  • Streamline Inclusion Support Processes

  • Improve Budgeting and Funding Outcomes

INSPIRE is now available to all schools, networks and education authorities across Australia.

More information is available here: