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The new way to develop custom software.

Client outcomes guaranteed through trusted and proven methodology.


Planning and advisory

Strategic planning, Data Management & Analytics, Solution identification & justification, Cloud architecture & Strategy

Custom software development

Business System Accelerators, Methodology,  Solution Design, Infrastructure selection & support

Business analytics

Data Warehouse / Data Lake

Reporting, dashboarding, analytics tool selection & implementation

Data Governance & integration

Service management

ITIL Service desk & SLA's,  Proactive monitoring & Management, Service Management & Operations

Team Meeting

Planning and advisory services

Strategic Planning

Let our Principal Consultants conduct engagements which deliver information strategy & business benefit realisation.

Data Management & Analytics

Our dedicated data management experts will undertake a data assessment & fusion strategy for your business outcomes.

Solution identification & justification

Our staff are both technology and business consultants so we are able to offer business case development or assistance, requirements analyses & market scans to determine the perfect solution.

Cloud architecture & strategy

As experts in Cloud Solutions we are able to architect consumption-based computing allowing you to focus on your business.  Solutions include; PaaS, IaaS, SaaS for AWS or Azure.

Custom software development

Business System Accelerators

SRA has developed Microsoft & Java frameworks to accelerate business application development which streamline custom projects by as much as 70% (both time and cost).

Proven & Trusted Methodology

With over 25 years' experience, SRA have developed project and software development methodologies which are adaptable to project need, agile, modern and risk averse, delivering value-for-money.

Solution Design

SRA conduct client workshops, team surveys, documentation creation, mock-ups and wire frames in order to detail functional and non-functional requirements as part of our technical design services.

Infrastructure Selection & Support

SRA understand how applications need to perform.  We can prepare you for Cloud, on-premise or data centre hosting including security, management, availability and continuity planning.

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Data Warehouse / Data Lake

SRA are able to define and design implementation of data stores for business reporting or big data analytics, enabling data mining, predictive analysis and machine learning capabilities.

Reporting & Dashboarding

From tool selection & integration to re-adoption projects, SRA can create, migrate, custom develop and implement reporting, dashboarding and analytics tools based on your use cases.

Data Governance & Integration

After managing data for over 25 years, SRA has developed systems and processes to manage the flow, currency and accuracy of your data, allowing you to derive insight and decision support.

Data Modelling & ETL

SRA consultants are experts at physical database definitions, detailed ETL/data load design and detailed semantic layer/metadata design in order to protect and enable your analytics project.


Support and Service Management

Australian based Service Desk

Our ITIL service desk includes staff from SA, WA, NT, Qld and the ACT in order to “follow-the-sun” for our clients' time zones.  We offer online, email and phone assistance with strict service level agreements (SLAs) in place.

Proactive Monitoring & Management

Whether infrastructure or application, SRA provide proactive maintenance and performance monitoring for clients worldwide.  We often provide advice back to internal client ICT departments or 3rd parties.

Service Management & Operations

Beyond providing a "help desk" facility, SRA can also manage the ongoing operations of your project or solution.  Our staff can manage your system as a full-function business service.


Cloud & Infrastructure Support

Previously known as managed services, SRA actually provisions infrastructure architects to maintain, support and monitor your environment(s), whether we provision the infrastructure or you do.

Business Plan

Why SRA software solutions?

SRA’s software business delivers optimal outcomes with minimum possible risk.  Our focus is on delivering the benefits you need, for the lowest cost you can afford. We understand our customers are concerned about risk therefore we offer experience, historic evidence and guarantees to manage, mitigate those risks.

The cheapest or fastest way is seldom the best, but it can be a great starting point!  Sometimes it is necessary to get a solution out as quickly as possible and evolve or iterate it.  However, sometimes you need to get it right the very first time.  SRA understands the difference. 

We thrive on challenges as our approach allows us to find the most practical solutions within the budget we agree upon. 
We offer a proven project methodology that adapts to your risk profile and your expectations.  We can deliver highly agile projects when you need to start quickly and allow an optimal solution to evolve, but we can equally deliver to a project specification that you (or we) create under a more traditional delivery model.  

SRA offers software services covering every aspect of the data collection, management and usage life-cycle. We employ and train staff in a variety of specialisations that allow us to conduct everything from design, planning and market surveys through to data analytics and machine learning solutions over big data in the cloud.  Our solutions are fully warranted and can be supported or maintained by anyone.  Challenge us to meet your project expectations and budget!

Business system accelerator (BSA)

SRA specialises in developing medium to large scale modern applications for Enterprise where performance, security and reliability are paramount.  Our architects leverage our Business Accelerators to deliver robust, high-performing solutions on either traditional or cloud service platforms. 

SRA’s Business Accelerators include standard security, reporting, dashboarding, mapping, workflow and payment gateway components that can be integrated into any standard Microsoft infrastructure and hosted on-premise or within AWS or Azure cloud environments.

SRA has become the leader in custom built solutions for the cloud having pioneered solutions for Federal and State governments as well as some of Australia’s leading commercial enterprises.  The scale, performance, security and efficiency of purpose-built cloud solutions makes a compelling case and SRA is able to manage and host solutions under Service Level Agreements. 

Customers of our custom software approach include;

  • Commonwealth Department of Finance

  • Rio Tinto

  • Public Trustee SA

  • Qld Police
  • Department of Mines & Petroleum WA
  • NT Attorney Generals


  • World Bank

  • Department of Premier & Cabinet SA

  • Ministry for Culture and Heritage

Turn data into business insight

SRA’s data insight practice offers a unique understanding of the true and potential value of data for business operations.  Every situation is different and the criticality of data provenance varies with the intended use of the data.   SRA conducts projects varying from financial reporting through to KPI dashboards, scientific machine learning for customers throughout Australia and beyond.  

SRA has experience across a substantial range of toolsets with the ability to source solutions from user-based licencing through to SaaS.  The cost and availability of data analytics toolsets need no longer determine what can be achieved; if you have a need to evaluate and publish data in a consumable format, SRA can recommend a solution that meets both your budget and your business need.

Service management for software

SRA offers a comprehensive Service Management capability to support client solutions.  Our standard Service Management offering allows customers to outsource the management, performance and maintenance of software whether SRA built it or not.

We work with our clients to proactively manage your hosted environment, your software planning and your maintenance activities to ensure your software does what you need it to do, when you need it.  SRA offer packages cover the range of your needs regardless of the level of the Service Level you require. 

Technology partnerships

SRA partners with the world’s premier providers ensuring your solutions leverage the most suitable and up to date technology.

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