SRA Labs

Incubator offerings

  • Idea & business modelling
  • Prototyping & MVP development
  • Go-to-market planning
  • Client/investor introductions
  • Support, credits and funding

Acceptance thesis

  • Software only
  • Socially conscious
  • B2B or B2G
  • South Australia and Northern Territory based
  • National and international opportunity
Trust isn’t something you engineer
Trust is the outcome of promises kept

Incubator offerings

Startups are evaluated and accepted into SRA LABS on a rolling basis, plus we often make specific call outs for certain types of solutions.

Idea & business modelling

Utilise our 30-years’ experience in the technology sector to test your idea and business model including:

  • Ideation processes
  • IP lookup & protection
  • Business planning & initiation
  • Market testing
  • MVP definition>
  • Funding options identification

Prototyping & MVP development

Engage our professional team to create your vision including:

  • User personas
  • Style guides
  • Wireframes & high-fidelity prototypes
  • Technical designs
  • MVP development
  • Roadmap development

Go-to-market planning

Utilise our business planning expertise and plan your launch:

  • Marketing plans
  • Commercial pricing models
  • PR, socials and joint-venture announcements
  • Pilot client introductions
  • Partnership options and introductions

Client and investor introductions

After 30 years and 350+ clients on 6 continents, we offer startups a unique position to meet with potential pilot clients and gain early insights and potentially win opportunities to do business. Our target zone includes:

  • State & federal Government departments
  • Enterprise, multi-national corporate companies
  • Not-for-profit & community organisations

Support, credits and funding

SRA LABS is a way for us to “give-back” to the innovation ecosystem whilst also remaining a relevant and innovative partner to our clients. We offer avenues to support founders to “fund” their vision including:

  • In-kind support
  • Subsidised (discounted) labour for services
  • Grant funding assistance (advice and/or partnership)
  • Investor/client introductions
  • Tech partner collaboration (eg. AWS)
  • Access to the AWS Activate Program and up to $10,000 in AWS Credits
  • Joint Venture go-to-market commercial opportunities with SRA (optional)

Being part of SRA Labs enables startups and innovators to get AWS Activate credits, architecture guidance and exclusive program invitations to help grow your business.

AWS Startups

SRA LABS is proud to be an AWS Activate Provider!

AWS Activate provides startups various benefits, including AWS credits and architecture guidance to help grow your business. Activate benefits are designed to give you the right tools, resources, and expert support to succeed with AWS while optimising performance, managing risk, and controlling costs.

SRA Labs acceptance thesis

Annually we take on several startup projects at various stages of development. Some are at the idea stage looking for testing and validation, some as spinouts of research or corporate institutions, and some as pivots or scale-ups building a technology product. We accept startups based on our ability to add value to your journey.

We don’t pick winners, we’re here for founders and innovators to offer guidance and assistance on your entrepreneurial journey

Software only

Our expertise is in the software development lifecycle. This has been our core business for 30 years. We are not experts in hardware, networking, or biotech. We add-value to startups by leveraging our 150+ software design, development & deployment team members to build your prototype, MVP, and/ or production solution efficiently

Socially conscious

Our core values are aligned to positive environmental, social, and/or community outcomes. Ideally, your solution positively impacts these areas too. By focusing here, we can leverage our existing clients and investment avenues whilst ensuring our alignment to good corporate citizenship is maintained.

B2B and B2G

Our success has come from Government (B2G) and large corporate (B2B) clients. We maintain many long-term trusted business partnerships. Startups in the B2B and B2G space, can leverage our existing client base to gain exposure, pilots, POC projects or initial customers in these markets.

South Australia or Northern Territory based

Most of our experts are in these locations and we maintain dedicated innovation spaces in our Adelaide and Darwin offices for startups. We also want to give back to the ecosystem and communities in which we operate. These are also our most influential jurisdictions for funding/investor and client partnerships, so startups located here may find easier access to clients and capital.

National and international opportunity

Over our 30 years in business, we have watched jurisdictions change and embrace technology at varying pace. We have learned that the ability to consider and service clients nationally and if possible, internationally, offers the mindset and scale required to grow a thriving technology business.

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