SRA Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary

30th Jun, 2022

SRA celebrates 30 year anniversary with brand and mission refresh

SRA was founded thirty years ago by Steve Rowe to respond quickly and
effectively to client needs and add value rather than tout buzz words and
force square pegs into round holes. In 2022 we stay loyal to this founding

We build technology with loyalty.

Between the science and art of building software solutions, there exists a gap. In this gap, SRA builds trust.

You cannot engineer trust. Trust is the outcome of keeping a promise.

Trust is simple – but powerful.

We’ve been around long enough to have seen the trends in technology rise, fall, and rise again. We’re no snake oil sales force; wisdom comes free and is built into our work.

We believe software and technology aren’t as much about ‘innovation’ and ‘disruption’ as a quest for freedom.

SRA is at war with waste!

Free yourself and your organisation from the status quo. Stop wasting time and resources and watch your team build and grow the future of your business – empowered by your loyal technology partner.

Unlocking your growth, your vision, and your aspiration is our obsession.

SRA takes a locksmith’s approach to this work. Integrity is the key.

With hand-on-heart, we pledge ourselves to your mission for the greater good.