SRA Mining Tech Tops Fraser’s Annual Survey Again

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11th Dec, 2023

SRA Mining Tech Tops Fraser's Annual Survey Again

These days, mineral exploration is initially conducted using data that is published online. This data includes:

  • Geological information
  • Historical mineral finds
  • Accessibility of transport, energy and skills

Many regulators spend a significant amount of time and money performing sophisticated searches and investigative drilling to understand the mineral potential of the land within their region.

This data needs to be published in a way that potential investors can easily locate and use it to identify good investment potential. The more data that exploration companies can access, the better they can confine their search for mineral deposits to viable areas.

A strong geological database is therefore a drawcard for investment funds and can contribute hundreds of millions of dollars of investment.

The Fraser Institute conducts an annual survey of mining companies globally to assess the perceived investment attractiveness of countries and legal jurisdictions. It provides invaluable, independent feedback for regulators as to the industry perception of their policies, services and practices.

So how does SRA fit into all this? South Australia has long led the country with the perceived quality of its Geological Database, SARIG (South Australian Resources Information Gateway). SRA are the proud designers and developers of SARIG with our involvement tracing back over 20 years! SARIG has long history of consistently ranking high in Fraser’s Top Ten and, in 2022 it regained its deserved #1 ranking.

Plus, in recent years, SRA has also been working with Geoscience Queensland to deliver their Geoscience Open Data portal. In 2022, Queensland achieved an equal #1 ranking with South Australia.

This means that mining exploration companies voted both SA and QLD to offer the equal BEST geological database facilities in the world!

To learn more about our capabilities in the mining sector, check out our case study on the Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ) here or reach out to the SRA team here: