SRA Invests Millions Into Innovative and Inclusive Coding School, 42Adelaide

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27th Sep, 2023

SRA invests millions into innovative and inclusive coding school, 42Adelaide, securing local tech talent for the future of South Australia

Leading national software consulting firm, SRA makes ground-breaking multi-million-dollar investment into 42 Adelaide, Australia’s first-ever tuition-free coding school open to all, regardless of origin, gender, age, or education background. This strategic investment confirms SRA’s commitment to a diverse, sustainable talent pipeline for the future of Australia and secures the long-term growth and impact of the school.

The partnership will empower students with industry-specific skills, mentorship from SRA experts, and hands-on project experience. SRA clients will gain enhanced value with access to the enriched and diverse talent pipeline to boost capacity.

The investment by SRA in 42 Adelaide is a testament to the school’s unwavering commitment to breaking down barriers and providing access to high-value skills immediately and into the future. As the only tuition-free coding school in Australia, 42 Adelaide offers a transformative education opportunity to students from all walks of life.

CEO of 42 Adelaide, Louise Nobes, celebrates the partnership saying “That SRA had the foresight and innovative thinking to see the potential of a partnership such as this, is truly wonderful. They are helping the Australian tech industry greatly, by placing critical skills into the job market. We are thrilled at the opportunity this will provide to not only our students and the tech industry but also to the strength of our state in the tech sector, nationally. In just 18 months, we’ve made incredible strides, and with the strategic partnership and support of SRA, the sky is truly the limit for our ground-breaking education model.”

“The opportunity presented by 42 Adelaide aligns perfectly with our strategic growth plans,” stated Tim Chopping, Chief Executive Officer of SRA. “In today’s highly competitive labour market, characterised by huge digital transformation demands, skill shortages and diminishing returns from traditional pathways, we needed to move early and break the model. Last year, we engaged students from 42 Adelaide through a tailor-made cadet program. Fast forward 12 months, and we have successfully hired 20 of these exceptional students, a feat that many would have deemed impossible. But rather than just stop at the 20, our long term strategic investment will secure the strongest pool of future tech talent our state has seen.”

By revolutionising the educational landscape, 42 Adelaide is unlocking doors and dispelling the notion that limited awareness of the technology sector is the primary obstacle. Instead, the school confronts and dismantles the systemic barriers that have perpetuated low enrolment and completion rates, paving the way for a future where talent and opportunities are accessible to all, regardless of their circumstances. SRA will add to the student’s journey by injecting consulting and people skills coaching, the SRA approach and methodology to software development, access to technology certifications and real-world project experience. SRA will offer client’s access to even larger project teams, with greater diversity, greater value for money, and guaranteed outcomes, all while giving students an earn-and-learn experience.

Deputy Premier, Susan Close commented on the partnership saying “This is not merely an investment in a school, but a commitment to the future of South Australia. A promise of a diverse, sustainable, and innovative tech future for our nation. SRA’s strategic partnership will not only empower students with critical industry-specific skills but also provide mentorship from seasoned professionals and real-world experience.

About SRA

SRA is a top-tier software consultancy and digital product company, serving as the trusted software capability partner for government and enterprise clients. With over 180 staff members and a presence across six offices nationwide, SRA boasts a client base of over 350 organisations. Headquartered in South Australia, SRA operates as a locally owned and operated company, with a focus on creating innovative solutions to deliver positive social, community, and environmental outcomes. SRA has been delivering technology with loyalty for over 30 years.

About 42 Adelaide

42 Adelaide is part of a global network of coding schools founded by tech billionaire Xavier Niel in France. 42 was first founded in Paris by French tech billionaire Xavier Neil. 42 has now become an international reference for students and companies.  With 50 campuses across the globe, 42 is the first computer programming school that is entirely free and available to students without any prior learning or experience. Brought to Australia by Louise Nobes, local social entrepreneur, 42’s teaching methods are based on peer learning: no teachers, no lectures, 100% coding.

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